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Tamiflu: an expensive lesson in panic stockpiling

The removal of Tamiflu from the WHO “core medicines” list is an uncomfortable reminder of the $4 billion we spent stockpiling it during the 2009 swine flu. What on earth were we thinking? Continue reading

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GP sceptics podcast 7: EBM Hijacked!

Joined by our ‘third nerd’ Dr Casey Parker, we delve into the dark side of EBM. Have RCTs and p-values been hijacked? Evidence-based nerds should remain sceptical about their own weapons. Continue reading

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Does the weather affect our joints?

Shakespeare wasn’t the first to reckon the weather affects our rheumatics. But a new study casts doubt that we can ‘feel it in our bones’. Continue reading

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Eat like an Italian

A new study confirms the life-saving power of a Mediterranean diet. So why have I been too lazy to prescribe it until now? Continue reading

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Fifteen things good doctors should avoid – Choosing Wisely II

This is important reading if you’re a doctor. And maybe of some interest even if you’re not. Following this year’s successful launch of the Choosing Wisely Australia campaign by NPS Medicinewise, we have produced a second round of recommendations about … Continue reading

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The neglected art of stopping medications

Whenever a medication is re-prescribed, some thought should be given to the important art of ‘deprescribing’. Doctors are taught far more about starting medications than stopping them, and most pharmaceutical research ignores the ‘cessation’ question altogether. Each 6-monthly round of … Continue reading

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Choosing Wisely – sneak preview of GP shortlist. #FOAM4GP #FOAMed

What interventions do you think GPs should do less of? Do you think we sometimes prescribe inappropriately or order too many tests? I’m not talking about individual anecdotes, but widespread trends accepted as ‘normal’ in some parts of Australian general practice. I am … Continue reading

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Media coverage for ‘No Advertising Please’

  In the month since first appearing on the 7.30 Report, the No Advertising Please campaign has gained substantial media interest, reaching the shores of the US and UK. (Updates 6 Nov in red) Below are links to all the TV, radio, print and video … Continue reading

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No Advertising Please campaign

Tonight the ABC’s 7.30 report will feature an idea I dreamt up six months ago, called ‘No Advertising Please’. Twenty five enthusiastic doctors and health advocates from around Australia have put together a campaign we are proud of. As readers of … Continue reading

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