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GP sceptics podcast 7: EBM Hijacked!

Joined by our ‘third nerd’ Dr Casey Parker, we delve into the dark side of EBM. Have RCTs and p-values been hijacked? Evidence-based nerds should remain sceptical about their own weapons. Continue reading

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Homeopathy: US mandates ‘No evidence’ labels

US homeopathic products will now require a label saying they don’t work. Good news, but not quite good enough. Continue reading

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Mothers, don’t plan on early delivery unless it’s medically necessary.

Mothers beware! New study suggests planning births before 39 weeks is linked to child learning difficulties. Continue reading

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GP Sceptics podcast 1: Big Soda

First of the GP Sceptics podcast series. We tackle Big Soda’s influence on health research. Continue reading

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Paracetamol and pregnancy: what’s the fuss?

Today’s health news is all about whether taking paracetamol (Panadol, Tylenol) while pregnant may cause ADHD. What did yesterday’s study actually show? Continue reading

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Pharmacy business model: consumers at risk

Q. “Are patients confused when non-evidence based therapies are sold alongside prescription medicines?”
A. “Yes.” Continue reading

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Today Tonight: product promotion dressed as health news

Last Friday on the Seven Network’s Today Tonight (TT), an episode on arthritis featured respected GP Dr Robert Menz, who gave a very solid interview – warning about the over-use of opioid medications, and promoting exercise and weight loss. Dr … Continue reading

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Choosing Wisely – sneak preview of GP shortlist. #FOAM4GP #FOAMed

What interventions do you think GPs should do less of? Do you think we sometimes prescribe inappropriately or order too many tests? I’m not talking about individual anecdotes, but widespread trends accepted as ‘normal’ in some parts of Australian general practice. I am … Continue reading

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No Advertising Please campaign

Tonight the ABC’s 7.30 report will feature an idea I dreamt up six months ago, called ‘No Advertising Please’. Twenty five enthusiastic doctors and health advocates from around Australia have put together a campaign we are proud of. As readers of … Continue reading

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No time for exercise? Think again!

THIS message is for adults who always seem too busy to exercise. The mum who sits at work all week, then sits in the car delivering children to events on the weekend. The middle-aged man who drives to the local shop because he’s in a hurry and the walk … Continue reading

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