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Today Tonight: product promotion dressed as health news

Last Friday on the Seven Network’s Today Tonight (TT), an episode on arthritis featured respected GP Dr Robert Menz, who gave a very solid interview – warning about the over-use of opioid medications, and promoting exercise and weight loss. Dr … Continue reading

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Fifteen things good doctors should avoid – Choosing Wisely II

This is important reading if you’re a doctor. And maybe of some interest even if you’re not. Following this year’s successful launch of the Choosing Wisely Australia campaign by NPS Medicinewise, we have produced a second round of recommendations about … Continue reading

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Choosing Wisely – sneak preview of GP shortlist. #FOAM4GP #FOAMed

What interventions do you think GPs should do less of? Do you think we sometimes prescribe inappropriately or order too many tests? I’m not talking about individual anecdotes, but widespread trends accepted as ‘normal’ in some parts of Australian general practice. I am … Continue reading

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Health consumers

To consume (v) I have always thought negatively of the word consume. I blame the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), whose first two definitions are; destroy or expend and; spend wastefully. The OED knows both interpretations all too well – no … Continue reading

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Tweeting for health professionals

This blog post is a running sheet for a workshop I’m delivering in Inala today, modified from a previous post. Feel free to ignore it if you’re not at the workshop! It aims to encourage health professionals begin using Twitter as an … Continue reading

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Blogging for the already-medically-educated

The first part of the RACGP GP13 workshop in Darwin looked at tweeting for doctors and other health professionals. For those with attention spans longer than 140 characters, let’s have a look at blogging. Or, in twitter lingo: #blog4docs The journalistic … Continue reading

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Tweet your way to a medical education

This workshop aims to encourage health professionals such as GPs to begin using social media as an educational tool. It was originally run at GP13, the RACGP Annual Scientific Convention in Darwin, Oct 2013. The workshop has been written by: We are happy … Continue reading

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Pharma payments to doctors should be transparent

Back in the good old days, your good doctor could pop any commission from anybody into his left  pantaloons pocket, and nobody would question it. These days, the public quite reasonably expects higher standards of accountability. Some would argue that doctors should … Continue reading

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TGA Advertising Code needs tiger teeth

At the risk of boring readers senseless, occasionally I write submissions aimed at making the world a better place, one regulatory code at a time. All humour self-edited out, although some sarcasm sneaks through: “…it is not entirely clear why those … Continue reading

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