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  1. Anne Carlin says:

    Dear Justin

    I am reading the book ” Peter Kennedy: The man who threatened God”. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your contribution. It was beautifully written, thoughtful and also very witty. You don’t see a lot of that in most writings on religious matters.

    I watched the traumas of St Mary’s with great interest and sadness. My sister was a regular attendee at mass both at St Mary’s and the TLC building. Whenever I was in Brisbane I always attended with her and really enjoyed the experience- precisely because it was so far removed from the Catholic church we knew as children. As a family we suffered considerable pain at the hands of Catholic clergy and when we were children our parents left the church with some significant bitterness (in no related to sexual abuse issues) My sister is currently working at Nulunbuy for an Indigenous medical organisation. My father was a teacher and all four of us were born on an Aboriginal station in NSW where my father taught. Supporting Indigenous people help reach their potential and achieve equitable outcomes in out country has always been dear to my heart.

    I have recently retired and would like to increase my volunteer activities particularly in supporting indigenous people however I can. I have been a volunteer for the last four years for Yalari an organisation that provides secondary school boarding scholarships for Indigenous young people from rural and remote areas from all over Australia and at times in my career I have also worked with Indigenous people in Education in TAFE and in Corrections so I have a very sound understanding of culture and protocols.

    Last year at the annual orientation camp for new students Dr Noel Haymen and a nurse spoke to the children about health matters. I had already heard of the Inala Indigenous Health Centre when I attended the Qld Australian of the year ceremony when Noel Haymen won. I thought it was serendipitous when I saw you worked there.

    If there is any way my skills could be utilised in a voluntary capacity I would be very happy. I am an educator with a masters degree specialising in vocational and adult learning. I worked for a number of years as a policy officer for QLD government departments and am an experienced writer especially in government and submission applications.

    I live in a small village about 20ks north of Bundaberg so am not able to volunteer in person on a regular basis. That being said I travel to Brisbane and the Gold Coast regularly as my children live there. I have excellent computer skills and would be well suited to supporting your organisation using online communication.

    Again thank you for your contribution to the book and I hope that I may be able to contribute as a volunteer to the Inala Indigenous Health Service in some way in the future.

    Best wishes

    Anne Carlin


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