GP Sceptics podcast 12: Doctors’ resilience


By Kat Ritchie


What keeps a doctor resilient, when dealing with a high-pressure job helping patients who are distressed and traumatised?

How can doctors balance empathy with self-care? Does easing a patient’s burden imply carrying it for them?

Dr Genevieve Yates teaches the art of resilience to doctors around the nation, and here we distil one podcast-worth of her wisdom.

Listen to it after a long day at work, or when you’re feeling vulnerable.

Even better, listen in bed, where Justin’s soporific opinions will guide you towards a replenishing sleep. Look after yourself, folks.

In Liz’s Special Source, Liz takes a look at the funding and influences behind ‘Therapeutic Guidelines’ — hint: it comes out clean.

Liz reveals her pin-up nerdy-researcher boy (Justin’s is Ben Goldacre), and we invite Dr Google into the GP surgery.

All this and more, in our final podcast for this ‘RACGP Year’ (October to October).

NEXT UP will be our live podcast at the annual RACGP conference in Melbourne. (Yes, that IS Justin’s photo on that link page. My, doesn’t he look worth listening to!) 

We invite all of GP17 to join us in an hour of fun as we go live for the first time on the Saturday morning, at GP Sceptics live podcast – Interpreting media headlines.

Our Guest:

Dr Genevieve Yates is a multi-talented GP who does a little bit of everything. She is the RACGP Queensland Censor, teacher for MDA National, facilitator for the Black Dog Institute, was previously Assoc Director of Training for NCGPT, and has won Australia’s Medical Educator of the Year. She is an accomplished author, plays violin in the Australian Doctors’ Orchestra, acts on TV and on stage, and co-wrote GP the Musical. Quite frankly, she makes us sick.


Balme E, Gerada C, Page L. Doctors need to be supported, not trained in resilience BMJ Careers, Sept 2015

Kearns H, Gardiner M. The Ultimate Time Management Guide for GPs (and in fact anyone in general practice) Published by Thinkwell

Beyond Blue National Mental Health Survey of Doctors and Medical Students 2013

Heneghan C, Goldacre B, Mahtani K. Why clinical trial outcomes fail to translate into benefits for patients 

Interesting reading: 

Doctors’ Mental Health Program A Beyond Blue program for health services

About Dr Justin Coleman

Justin is a GP in Brisbane and Director of Education for GPs in the NT. He edits a medical journal and two medical textbooks, and is a medical writer and educator. Further details at
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  1. Reblogged this on Genevieve's anthology and commented:
    It was a thrill and an honour to be interviewed on my favourite podcast, by two of my favourite people, on one of my favourite topics. I hope you enjoy it at least a tiny bit as much as I did.


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