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Does high antibiotic use prevent serious complications?

A BMJ article yesterday provided strong evidence that doctors who prescribe antibiotics at high rates for respiratory tract infections are not, in fact, protecting their patients from serious bacterial complications such as meningitis. This finding negates the ‘patient safety’ claim repeatedly pulled out … Continue reading

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World’s best video animation about pharmacists in GP-land

Disclaimer; my claim of ‘world’s best’ relies heavily on the supposition that this is also the ‘world’s only’ such video animation. It introduces the novel concept of embedding a pharmacist within a general practice (in addition to the pharmacy business owner down the road). … Continue reading

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Calling all hospitals: reduce Pharma marketing

My 2014 No Advertising Please campaign, while aimed at all doctors, ended up impacting mainly on GPs. The pledge not to see drug reps is more easily fulfilled when one is in autonomous, private medical practice. However, it is equally important that prescribers working … Continue reading

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Today Tonight: product promotion dressed as health news

Last Friday on the Seven Network’s Today Tonight (TT), an episode on arthritis featured respected GP Dr Robert Menz, who gave a very solid interview – warning about the over-use of opioid medications, and promoting exercise and weight loss. Dr … Continue reading

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The neglected art of stopping medications

Whenever a medication is re-prescribed, some thought should be given to the important art of ‘deprescribing’. Doctors are taught far more about starting medications than stopping them, and most pharmaceutical research ignores the ‘cessation’ question altogether. Each 6-monthly round of … Continue reading

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Media coverage for ‘No Advertising Please’

  In the month since first appearing on the 7.30 Report, the No Advertising Please campaign has gained substantial media interest, reaching the shores of the US and UK. (Updates 6 Nov in red) Below are links to all the TV, radio, print and video … Continue reading

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La Trobe Uni climbs into bed with Swisse; Prof Harvey climbs out.

If Victoria’s La Trobe University was in any doubt that accepting $15 million from vitamin manufacturer Swisse Wellness would cause controversy, yesterday’s resignation of Ken Harvey, the University’s most prominent public health academic, clarified the issue. The $30 million Complementary Medicines … Continue reading

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Statins and sat fats: a sceptic’s look at ABC’s Catalyst programs

My article below was published this week at both The Conversation and in Australian Doctor. I figured I’d get in third. On the past two Thursdays, the ABC’s Catalyst program set off a chain reaction of protest from sections of the medical … Continue reading

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Pharma payments to doctors should be transparent

Back in the good old days, your good doctor could pop any commission from anybody into his left  pantaloons pocket, and nobody would question it. These days, the public quite reasonably expects higher standards of accountability. Some would argue that doctors should … Continue reading

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TGA Advertising Code needs tiger teeth

At the risk of boring readers senseless, occasionally I write submissions aimed at making the world a better place, one regulatory code at a time. All humour self-edited out, although some sarcasm sneaks through: “…it is not entirely clear why those … Continue reading

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