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Managing diabetes is not all about expensive medication

Justin Coleman reflects on what matters for diabetes management in his final DMJ editorial. Continue reading

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Do you know what you don’t know? Want to find out?

Here’s a fantastic new list of things doctors should consider avoiding. The list is the brainchild of GP Rob Park, who borrowed the brains of hundreds of doctors on the GPs Down Under facebook group. Plenty of food for thought.

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I could have been a logician

With medical jobs so commonplace, I sometimes fantasise about alternative career choices. Three logicians walk into a bar. Says the bartender, “Would all three of you like a cider?” The first logician replies “I don’t know,” the second also says … Continue reading

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Don’t just sign on the dotted line: assessing fitness to drive

Originally posted on Dr Genevieve Yates:
The RACGP 15 conference is on in Melbourne next month and as part of the focus on social media, there is a Pecha Kucha competition.  Members of the Facebook group, GPs Down Under, are…

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Newsflash: doctor sees patients on time

BRISBANE: At a suburban clinic yesterday, every single patient during the morning session was called into their appointment on time. Dr Justin Coleman, GP at Inala Indigenous Health, described the extraordinary circumstances to reporters camped outside his surgery today. “It … Continue reading

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Bowel charts – the work of the devil

Bowel charts are a thing of the devil. I hate even mentioning them. In fact, I won’t; let’s talk about blood glucose diaries instead.   A bunch of folk just like me, but sweeter, fill in a smattering of glucose … Continue reading

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No Advertising Please campaign

Tonight the ABC’s 7.30 report will feature an idea I dreamt up six months ago, called ‘No Advertising Please’. Twenty five enthusiastic doctors and health advocates from around Australia have put together a campaign we are proud of. As readers of … Continue reading

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The delightful Aussie colloquialism ‘sickie’ can describe both the person who is sick, and the time taken off work to allow said sickness to flourish to its full potential. Unfathomably, many employers still require a certificate even for one or … Continue reading

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The waiting game

Fifteen years ago I wrote an article about the waiting room at the Geelong Hospital Emergency Department, noting that a higher proportion of Geelong residents visited it than any other small room in that entire city. Back then it was … Continue reading

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The secret that doctors hate revealing!!

  Warning: Reading this column will change your life. I reveal secrets which other doctors won’t tell you. They will hate me for it, because you need never pay for their services again. I have recently given up doctoring, with … Continue reading

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