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How to measure med student empathy

Everyone agrees doctors need empathy. But a new study finds medical entrance exams try to measure it, and fail. Continue reading

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Five reasons why I’d still encourage my child to do medicine

Being a doctor has been a relatively tough gig for around 2,500 years. But the rewards are still worth it. Continue reading

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Calling all hospitals: reduce Pharma marketing

My 2014 No Advertising Please campaign, while aimed at all doctors, ended up impacting mainly on GPs. The pledge not to see drug reps is more easily fulfilled when one is in autonomous, private medical practice. However, it is equally important that prescribers working … Continue reading

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How Melbourne Uni survived 20 years without me

As I walked through the grounds of Melbourne University last week—my first time for twenty years—I decided to dedicate this column to medical students. I felt poignantly nostalgic about my own experiences, and also judged it an opportunity for a … Continue reading

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Bowel charts – the work of the devil

Bowel charts are a thing of the devil. I hate even mentioning them. In fact, I won’t; let’s talk about blood glucose diaries instead.   A bunch of folk just like me, but sweeter, fill in a smattering of glucose … Continue reading

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