Blogging for the already-medically-educated


Justin reading an ancient book on blogging

The first part of the RACGP GP13 workshop in Darwin looked at tweeting for doctors and other health professionals.

For those with attention spans longer than 140 characters, let’s have a look at blogging.

Or, in twitter lingo:


The journalistic principals involve Five Ws and an H, so let’s divide up this wwwwwhorkshop thus:


Institutions: BMJ blogs

Groups of like-minded people: Social Media GP

GP Practices:  Birkenhead Medical Centre

GP Practices with opinions: Dr Edwin Kruys Doctor’s Bag

Doctors with special interests: Dr Tim Senior AMS Supertwision


INFORMATION about; your practice; your interests; patient education; handy links.

COMMUNICATION about; news; calendar of events; new research; updates.

CONVERSATION about; opinion; humour; medical politics or education; articles


WordPress (I have no financial ties. Yet.) Weebly.

Comparison of ten blogging platforms.


    • Ideal frequency? A bit more often than you will actually do it!
    • Better to do short blog fortnightly than comprehensive blog 3-monthly.
    • Short on time? Become a node for other people’s blogs and articles. RSS & Twitter feeds.


  • Business model
  • Publicise your special medical interests
  • Patient trust, patient education
  • Start conversations
  • Fun
  • Become a writer


  • We read 25% slower on a screen
  • Lots of white space
  • Short sentences, short paragraphs, (usually) short blogs
  • Bullet points, lists, ‘top 5’
  • Blogging is a conversation; don’t do all the work yourself
  • Comments are crucial; moderate out the nutters but allow contrary opinion
  • Make it easy to share, use hyperlinks, share buttons


Australasian Medical Writers Association AMWA

Renee Barnes Effective Blogging for Medical Writers

Free images Flickr     → Join (free)

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→ Advanced search

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→ Attribute photographer in the photo caption

As with all the work on my website, I am happy for you to share it with others. You may also use just a part of it, or alter my work. But please always attribute my work appropriately.
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About Dr Justin Coleman

Justin is a GP in Brisbane and Director of Education for GPs in the NT. He edits a medical journal and two medical textbooks, and is a medical writer and educator. Further details at
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