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Prostate cancer: why screening PSA blood tests are dangerous

Released by NPS MedicineWise today, I host six short videos that discuss why doctors should think twice before ordering the blood test (PSA) that screens for prostate cancer. It sounds like a simple, sensible thing for the GP to do – … Continue reading

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The waiting game

Fifteen years ago I wrote an article about the waiting room at the Geelong Hospital Emergency Department, noting that a higher proportion of Geelong residents visited it than any other small room in that entire city. Back then it was … Continue reading

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Co-payments – handy reminders of our mortality

Australian Doctor asked me today if they could publish my thoughts on the $7 co-payment. I have dark thoughts. Apologies in advance to my medical specialist friends. It’s not your fault.   Imagine yourself in charge of Australia’s health budget – heaven … Continue reading

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Top list of wasteful procedures in the ED and General Practice

  Yesterday, JAMA published a list of  tests and treatments ordered in the Emergency Department which a group of 283 Emergency clinicians considered the most wasteful. Because accessing the list requires a log-in (which is a bit of a waste!) I have copied it here. … Continue reading

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Tweeting for health professionals

This blog post is a running sheet for a workshop I’m delivering in Inala today, modified from a previous post. Feel free to ignore it if you’re not at the workshop! It aims to encourage health professionals begin using Twitter as an … Continue reading

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The non-linear consultation

Most doctors treat simple medical problems similarly. The presenting problem leads to a single diagnosis, which leads to a treatment; all in an uncomplicated, linear pattern. But in primary care, things are often not so simple. For multiple problems with complex … Continue reading

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Blogging for the already-medically-educated

The first part of the RACGP GP13 workshop in Darwin looked at tweeting for doctors and other health professionals. For those with attention spans longer than 140 characters, let’s have a look at blogging. Or, in twitter lingo: #blog4docs The journalistic … Continue reading

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Tweet your way to a medical education

This workshop aims to encourage health professionals such as GPs to begin using social media as an educational tool. It was originally run at GP13, the RACGP Annual Scientific Convention in Darwin, Oct 2013. The workshop has been written by: We are happy … Continue reading

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Locum days

In my heady days of youth, I spent 18 months avoiding a steady job and worked as a locum. This involved a serious commitment to helping out GPs in their week of need, then running away. My CV screamed like … Continue reading

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