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World’s best video animation about pharmacists in GP-land

Disclaimer; my claim of ‘world’s best’ relies heavily on the supposition that this is also the ‘world’s only’ such video animation. It introduces the novel concept of embedding a pharmacist within a general practice (in addition to the pharmacy business owner down the road). … Continue reading

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I could have been a logician

With medical jobs so commonplace, I sometimes fantasise about alternative career choices. Three logicians walk into a bar. Says the bartender, “Would all three of you like a cider?” The first logician replies “I don’t know,” the second also says … Continue reading

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GP’s pocket guide to the partialists

As a career generalist, it’s easy to forget that many friends from med school – even some of the smarter ones – chose to limit themselves to just one organ. Medicine is a broad church, and every church needs an … Continue reading

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GPs Down Under

I GPDU; do U? If that sentence makes any sense, you’re probably already a member of the Facebook group GPs Down Under. And a good interpreter of poor syntax. It’s the only phrase I’ve ever written which has been turned … Continue reading

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Newsflash: doctor sees patients on time

BRISBANE: At a suburban clinic yesterday, every single patient during the morning session was called into their appointment on time. Dr Justin Coleman, GP at Inala Indigenous Health, described the extraordinary circumstances to reporters camped outside his surgery today. “It … Continue reading

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When a GP goes to his GP

I went to my GP this year. Apparently patients do that sort of thing all the time, but it felt odd, giving over the swivel chair. I hadn’t realised the degree of power inferred by a collared shirt and castor … Continue reading

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Winter; discontent; you know the drill.

Winter is coming As any Game of Thrones character will tell you – and most eventually do – winter is coming. In the land of general practice, a long way from the nearest fur-coated dwarf or icicled king, we instead … Continue reading

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Weird diagnoses your doctor can select, but probably shouldn’t

Has your doctor has ever diagnosed you with Hair in the Urine or Donald Duck Speech? I’m a doctor and have no idea how to treat either condition. My wild guess might be a sieve and a good gargle—in that … Continue reading

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The doctor is NOT IN

I love being a doctor. I love the variety, the capacity to touch lives. But most of all, I love the holidays. The very best bit of my job is not doing it, and instead doing the crossword on the … Continue reading

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Bowel charts – the work of the devil

Bowel charts are a thing of the devil. I hate even mentioning them. In fact, I won’t; let’s talk about blood glucose diaries instead.   A bunch of folk just like me, but sweeter, fill in a smattering of glucose … Continue reading

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