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GP Sceptics podcast 4: Addiction

Guest GP Dr Hester Wilson, drug & alcohol specialist, discusses baclofen for alcohol addiction. And sings opera. Continue reading

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GP Sceptics pod3: Pain

Sceptical medicos Justin and Liz take on the analgesics industry. And give various cognitive biases a run for their money. Continue reading

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GP Sceptics podcast 2: Diabetes

Justin and Liz ask the hard questions and give the easy answers about diagnosis of diabetes. Continue reading

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Starts at 60 interview

Video interview on the website ‘Starts at 60’. Justin explains what patients can expect of their GP, or ask for if they’re not getting it! Features Choosing Wisely. Continue reading

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Do GPs ever regret referrals?

An Australian study (featured today in Medical Observer) has found prostate cancer patients are more likely to regret surgery than radiotherapy. This had me wondering; if my patient regrets surgery, should I then regret having referred them to a surgeon? We would … Continue reading

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Does high antibiotic use prevent serious complications?

A BMJ article yesterday provided strong evidence that doctors who prescribe antibiotics at high rates for respiratory tract infections are not, in fact, protecting their patients from serious bacterial complications such as meningitis. This finding negates the ‘patient safety’ claim repeatedly pulled out … Continue reading

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World’s best video animation about pharmacists in GP-land

Disclaimer; my claim of ‘world’s best’ relies heavily on the supposition that this is also the ‘world’s only’ such video animation. It introduces the novel concept of embedding a pharmacist within a general practice (in addition to the pharmacy business owner down the road). … Continue reading

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I could have been a logician

With medical jobs so commonplace, I sometimes fantasise about alternative career choices. Three logicians walk into a bar. Says the bartender, “Would all three of you like a cider?” The first logician replies “I don’t know,” the second also says … Continue reading

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GP’s pocket guide to the partialists

As a career generalist, it’s easy to forget that many friends from med school – even some of the smarter ones – chose to limit themselves to just one organ. Medicine is a broad church, and every church needs an … Continue reading

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GPs Down Under

I GPDU; do U? If that sentence makes any sense, you’re probably already a member of the Facebook group GPs Down Under. And a good interpreter of poor syntax. It’s the only phrase I’ve ever written which has been turned … Continue reading

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