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Coleman’s guide to poisoning and the dark arts

Of all nature’s poisonous creatures, the two-legged doctor is the most dangerous. Continue reading

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Avoiding doctors like the plague

Surviving childhood without doctors is not hard…except for the doctors. Continue reading

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Drug seeker basted me like a turkey

Some people excel at obtaining prescription drugs to sell. Even the crustiest doctors sometimes get done over like a dinner. Here’s my turkey story. Continue reading

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Pain clinics: how did such a fresh idea turn sour?

Pain clinics. In theory, a multi-disciplined team skilled at helping those with chronic pain wean off high-dose, addictive medications. In practice: “More drugs, anybody?” Continue reading

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We doctors must lift our game on antibiotics

Today’s major report on Australia’s antibiotic prescribing makes fairly grim reading. The Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in Australia (AURA) report reveals the following: Almost half (46%) the population was prescribed an antibiotic in 2014. More than half of patients with colds, flu and … Continue reading

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No Advertising Please campaign

Tonight the ABC’s 7.30 report will feature an idea I dreamt up six months ago, called ‘No Advertising Please’. Twenty five enthusiastic doctors and health advocates from around Australia have put together a campaign we are proud of. As readers of … Continue reading

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