GP Tips

Dr Justin Coleman came up with the concept of a ‘handy hints’ column for General Practitioners and approached Medical Observer in 1998. He ran a weekly column for 13 years (1999-2011), by which time he had published 650 tips. Approximately 300 doctors had contributed tips to the column.


The Medical Observer started running his tips column again in 2016. Justin regularly gives tips presentations to GP groups around Australia.

A typical Medical Observer tips column looks like this:

3 Responses to GP Tips

  1. having a 1cm keratosis cut out for cosmetic reason near temple. Could this be used by surgeon instead of sutures?


  2. Thanks Justin. It turned out I didn’t need the surgery. I was dosing it with Tea tree oil just as an experiment as it seemed to make it dry and I didn’t want it to keep spreading. After a few weeks it peeled off with some non medical assistance. I was a bit worried as I thought it may not heal but the skin underneath was inflamed but intact. Went on to smoothing over and the redness went away. I wasn’t expecting this result. I am not usually into home/alternative remedies as they are usually rubbish and possibly dangerous. I was a little embarrassed to have to say to the plastic surgeon that it had disappeared. He had seen it and saw how prominent it was. I wish that I had taken pics of before and after. Not suggesting people should lash it onto blemishes . Maybe I got lucky and I knew it was not a cancer. Cheers John


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