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Renee Barnes

Renee Barnes

In some sort of weird russian-doll unpacking of layers, I’m sitting in a blogging workshop and all 25 of us are analysing my blog. I figured that while we’re doing it, I’d take the opportunity to blog about the process. Then the other 24 can comment on my blog about my blog. Maybe they’ll even blog about it. Blogorama!

The good news is, I’ve never had so many hits on the one day.

The bad news is, we’ve also just looked at some much better blogs. I guess you could go to one of the others immediately, although I’m not giving you a single web address; look them up yourself, you lazy thing!

Renee Barnes is running the workshop as part of the AMWA annual conference in Melbourne, and her blog, quite frankly, is a brilliant example of what mine should look like. But you’ll have to look it up yourself. Okay, here’s a clue: it might be found here.

I’ve put her photo up above so if you merely wanted to know what Renee looks like, you can now do this while staying on my blog. Please. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss me opening another Russian doll. I’m not finished yet.

Renee is starting to glance in my direction and suspect that I’m blogging instead of listening to her wise blogging advice, so perhaps I’d better stop.

I’m down to the very last Russian doll and it is…empty.


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Justin is a GP in Brisbane and Director of Education for GPs in the NT. He edits a medical journal and two medical textbooks, and is a medical writer and educator. Further details at
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4 Responses to Blogging about blogging

  1. lisagyates says:

    The last doll isn’t empty Justin – its filled with the rich sound of a full-bodied, bellying-aching laugh. Love your flippant posts they make me laugh……in a good way


  2. annie says:

    Doesn’t her hair look nice?


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