GP sceptics podcast 7: EBM Hijacked!



by Kat Ritchie


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Just when you thought GP Sceptics put the E in evidence-based medicine, we pull the rug from underneath your trusting feet.

Western Australian GP Casey Parker, of Broome Docs fame, joins our twosome to become the ‘third nerd’ – a role which fits him like a cardigan and a new pair of glasses.

Casey delves into EBM’s dark recesses, where p-hackers subvert the concept of ‘significance’, and RCTs answer all the questions no one bothered asking.

Justin discusses a hot-off-the-press systematic review revealing the over-optimism of doctors.

And Liz? Liz invites us all aboard the EBM gravy train.

Bonus nerd points for any listener who comments below correctly describing when affect is a noun and effect is a verb.

This podcast is dedicated to the fond memory of the late Prof Gavin Mooney, editor of Evidence-based medicine in its place.

Thanks to Dr Kat Ritchie for her brilliant artwork.


Dr Casey Parker hosts Broome Docs – full of educational podcasts for GPs!

Casey describes his site as, “a single place for all you time-poor doctors to come and get quality education, clinical tips and interact with one another without having to search all over the internet. As a busy GP I am more than happy to stand on the shoulders of academic giants, I find the good ones have a great way of keeping the complex simple – just the way I like it.”

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False Ioannidis J, PLOS Medicine 2005

Evidence-based medicine has been hijacked: a report to David Sackett Ioannidis J, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 2016

Angiotensin–Neprilysin Inhibition versus Enalapril in Heart Failure  NEJM, 2014

Alltrials; All Trials Registered | All Results Reported

Clinicians’ expectations of the benefits and harms of treatments, screening, and tests: A systematic review Hoffmann T, Del Mar C, JAMA Internal Medicine 2017

About Dr Justin Coleman

Justin is a GP in Brisbane and Director of Education for GPs in the NT. He edits a medical journal and two medical textbooks, and is a medical writer and educator. Further details at
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5 Responses to GP sceptics podcast 7: EBM Hijacked!

  1. JB says:

    Affect (n) emotion

    Effect (v) make happen


  2. Great to see a listener who’s on the ball, JB.
    e.g. “Despite my flattened affect, I’m trying to effect change in my life.”
    Psychiatrists usually emphasise the ‘a’ sound when using the ‘affect’ meaning above, presumably to distinguish its meaning, although perhaps it’s merely to distinguish themselves?


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  4. A Nimmo says:


    In the face of newly revealed evidence, it would be good if you could look at the evidence for graded exercise therapy for ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In the US, Dr Tuller looked into in and the UK Prof Coyne toured talking about it but Australian professionals have been quiet so far. Do you know about it?


  5. Hildy says:

    antidepressants attempt to effect a positive delta in affect.



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