Naked Doctor strikes again

Worried doctorJustin’s column on overtesting, overtreatment and over-diagnosis sits on the new-look Croakey website. He has been proselytising around the country to anyone awake enough to listen, including the RACGP GP12 convention and the National Prescribing Service AGM. This web post has just saved you a plane fare.

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About Dr Justin Coleman

Justin is a GP on the remote Tiwi Islands at the top of Australia. He edits a medical journal and two medical textbooks, and is a medical writer and educator. Further details at
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3 Responses to Naked Doctor strikes again

  1. DrColemanjr says:

    For everyone who reads this post, it is I how asked Dr Karl the legendart question of the scales!
    P.S. Hi Dad!


  2. DrColemanjr says:

    Who ever reads this comment, it is I who asked Dr Karl the legendary question of the scales! (You rock, Dr Karl!)
    P.S Hi Dad, great site!


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